Save your crops by detecting disease
in seconds.

We use image classification and machine learning to recognize plant diseases before they can do more damage.

Our Story

Plant disease is one of the most significant challenges to farmers around the world, and destroys 15% of all food grown globally. In addition, the process of identifying plant disease involves expensive and time-consuming laboratory testing, which is a luxury that most farmers don't have.

We want to change that, and help those who are growing the food that eat.

Using MediCrop, farmers can quickly detect plant disease in its earliest stages and treat it effectively, reducing crop waste and maximizing their profit potential. We aim to provide a cost and time efficient solution that can be easily used with any smartphone device.

We support farmers of all backgrounds and strive to make our app accurate, informative, and easy to use. Ultimately, we want to build the largest data-driven agricultural community.

Our app is tested within
We can identify
different plant disease
We support
We support
different languages

Use our crop management solution

  • Supports all of the major crops
  • Contains ideal light, water, and fertilizer setups

Add and organize your crops within the app, and keep track of their health and growth.

Get relevant warnings regarding your crops

  • Daily actionable and intelligent warnings
  • Monitor weather conditions based on location
  • We let you know about relevant warnings that can affect your crops.

"Certainly, it will be a valuable tool to have!"

Dr. Colmenarez
CABI Brazil Centre Director & Plantwise Regional Coordinator


Jacob Han


Product manager, likes to read, play games, and go swimming

Sang Ki Nam


Physicist and ML engineer, enjoy a hike and a video game, started to love to golf

Nick Cirella


Lawyer, dog owner and part-time runner just trying to learn some data science along the way.

Louis Li


Machine Learning practitioner, enjoys reading, hiking and good food.


Why should I use MediCrop?

We have built MediCrop to be the most accurate and reliable tool for detecting plant disease while providing a world-class user experience.

How does our plant disease detection algorithm work?

We use image classification and machine learning to scan the images provided, and we have trained our algorithm to recognize parts of the crop that may be diseased. Our model can provide 99% accuracy.

What regions does MediCrop support?

We support all regions and over 10 different languages.

How much does MediCrop cost?

While our product is in early access, it is free.

How does MediCrop use data and ensure privacy?

We consider user privacy as one of our highest priorities. We limit and anonymize the data that we receive from our farmers.

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